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Humane Animal Harvesting (Part One)

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Reconnecting the intimacy of the delicate balance between the animal and the land.


In our hustle culture, in one breath, we are overworked, overly stressed, and our bodies are taxed from sitting sedentary at a desk all day, while in another breath, there is a cloud of social activism we can’t escape or ignore. It’s heavy and it’s a lot.


Some of the most widespread attention and activism is focused on the environment — we’re in a sticky place folks, with water shortages and greenhouse gasses being at an all-time high. And, many like to put the blame on the agricultural industry, but like our finespun ecosystem, the food production supply is one we should examine more intentionally.


The food supply chain exists of producers and consumers and at Wagner Ag, we are here to lend a hand in food production with our wide selection of new and used farm equipment. If you’re a farmer or interested in agriculture, dive into the topic of humane animal harvesting in today’s post.

The Agriculture Binary


The critiques of conventional agriculture aren’t necessarily wrong, but  the alternatives that people choose are not the only answer either.


The accepted thought right now is that you have to be vegan or vegetarian to combat factory farming and animal cruelty. While this is sometimes true but it is not exclusive.


It is not this or that — agriculture is not linear, there are many ways to go about it!   


It also has to be recognized that consumers drive production, so when you continue to vote with your dollar and support large fast-food companies on your lunch break multiple times a week, you’re investing in factory farming — not the ideal picture of animal welfare.




The truth is, we are disconnected from our food — we forget that we spawn largely from hunter-gatherer societies. Meat is something that is delivered to the grocery store that we pick up, cook, and perhaps discard the leftovers that sat in our fridge for a week.


With hunting brings connection, to the land and the animal — it requires sacrifice. When you live totally off the land and hunt for your meals, you can bet that hunters ensure a quick kill and that they use and preserve every part of the animal.


The same can occur in the agricultural industry in humane harvesting, it too requires a connection and intention.

There is another alternative and it’s this: Instead of choosing inhumane slaughterhouses and factory farming practices, be more discerning and support farms that are implementing regenerative farming where animals are out in pasture living full lives and are harvested with care by the farmers.


The bottom line, you will pay more for this food. This action, however, connects you to your food and in it you know exactly who and how your food was raised. This choice, voting with your dollar, supports the environment and is another alternative to being vegan or vegetarian.


Sometimes we just need to go against the hustle and view our choices and options in a different light and reconnect to the ecosystem in which we were once a part of.   


Humane animal harvesting is alive in the agricultural industry, learn all about it in part two! Stay tuned!


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